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In 2014 Genmed established  an agreement with Claris, a major manufacturer of ‘injectables’ from India for the Distribution of injection and infusion liquids to Hospitals in the Benelux. Claris provides, from its state of the art campus containing 1500 employees, over 80 countries with a broad spectrum of ‘injectables’.

Genmed starts in 2015 with eleven selected injection and infusion fluids, of which the introduction of propofol on the Dutch Market is nearing its conclusion.


Propofol is a short-acting, intravenously administered amnestic agent. Its uses include the induction and maintenance of general anesthesia, for which an infusion pump is used. 
The selection of Genmed consists of  the following doses:
  • Propofol 1% MCT LCT20 ml
  • Propofol 1% MCT LCT50 ml
  • Propofol 1% MCT LCT100 ml
  • Propofol 2% MCT LCT50 ml